Toffee Rapping

Below is the rhyme created by Charles Harrison, for his cartoon telling the tale of how toffee was discovered when the tomb of King Tut was opened in 1922 and also how the Ancient Egyptians loved their toffee! Then there is a Rap created by a pupil at Holy Trinity School. Why not have a go at writing your own Toffee Rap.

When Tutankhamen’s tomb was found
By excavators underground
Unearthed appeared alongside Tuts
A Tin of Mummified de Luxe.
Famines came and famines went
And that is why a fixed per cent
Of all the T. de L. they made
They put aside with care and laid
For storage in a Pyramid.
(You may not think so, but they DID).
The Riddle of the Sphinx is one
Demanding rumination,
But you will need about a ton
Of T. de L. to help your brain
Through the heavy overstrain
Of seeking explanation.
After the many cares of State,
Pharaoh simply COULD not wait,
But called for a tin in terms irate
(And often stayed up MUCH too late-
You should have seen the way he ate!)
Delivery problems take some thought
But King Tut quickly chose and bought
Some Express-Chariots, steeds and all,
At pre-war price (they were so small).
(And now we know the origin
Of the famous Oval Tin).
This shows Queen Tut (complete with tin)
Returning from the morning’s shopping.
The T. de L. which she brought in
Was voted by the Tutlets “topping”.

This piece of Sculpture is a find
Which shows the imaginative grace
With which the posters were designed
And put up in the market place.
King Tut decreed that, as a basis
Of refreshment, each Oasis
Should include some T. de L.
With palm-trees round about it.
His subjects liked the custom well
And would not go without it.
This shows the Sages’ joy profound
When after toiling under-ground
For many years, they found the “Books”
Of ancient Recipes de Luxe.

The Toffee Rapper
Tell your mama, tell your papa
They call me the toffee rapper.
Let me tell you some local facts
toffee started in Halifax.
Now we’re going way, way back
to two people, John and Violet Mack.
Mackintosh was there full name
and making toffee brought them fame.
On the very first day they gave it all away,
the next time though people had to pay.
From a Pastry Shop they didn’t stop
until they reached the very top.
Their toffee was chewy, their toffee was gooey,
It was sweet and a treat.
Before they had finished, all boys and girls
knew about Mackintosh’s Toffee all around the world.