John and Violets Mackintosh’s Grave

Funding from the Community Foundation For Calderdale allowed us to renovate John and Violet Mackintosh’s grave, located at All Saints Graveyard Dudwell Lane, Halifax. The grave had fallen into disrepair and although there is continued maintenance needed, we were able to remove the grass and brambles to make people aware of its location. During the clean up people passing through, walking their dogs, were given a history lesson and they in turn were amazed that they had never noticed the grave before.

In 2017 we received further funding from the CFFC after we had been able to meet with John and Violet Mackintosh’s Grandson, Martin Mackintosh who was extremely pleased with the work that had already taken place by Phoenix Radio in making the grave more accessible as well as more visible.

This time, as well as clearing the grave area we also cleaned the stone, removing years of mold, algae, lichen and moss .

On September 15th, 2017 Nigel Mackintosh, the Great Grandson and his wife visited the grave. Both were impressed by the work being done and the impact that the work was having in re-igniting interest in the Mackintosh family legacy.

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