Tell Us A Tale

Create a story based on Toffee Town. Think about the Toffee Town cartoons that were published between 1921 and 1922 and how some of them imagined the history of toffee being related to famous moments in history. What have you been learning about in History at school? Use your imagination to write about the Great Fire of Toffee Town, for example. Below is the text for the cartoon created by George Morrow.

George Morrow who knows his History backwards, forwards and sideways (chiefly sideways), has traced ToffeeTown back thro’ the ages. He cannot imagine a time when there was no Mackintosh’s Toffee. But-of course there was-it was in that period known as the dark ages!

And the invention of Mackintosh’s Toffee was in itself one of the great events of history. For Toffee as you know it to-day was not in existence until John Mackintosh originated it in the later years of last century.

  1. Ancient British Merchant Retails toffee at two ounces per Mammoth tusk
  1. King Arthur And The Knight Of The Oval Tin
  1. The art of toffee making being unknown in the Baltic Region, It is little wonder that the Norsemen made frequent raids on the coast of Britain
  1. King Alfred lets the toffee burn
  1. William Of Normandy, on receiving proof of the excellence of Mackintosh’s Toffee De Luxe, decides to invade England.
  1. King John’s last scruples about signing the Magna Carta are removed by The Baron’s offer of unlimited Toffee De Luxe.
  1. During the siege Of Toffee Town in the 15th Century the besieged garrison demoralized the enemy by shelling them with toffee-hence the “Sweets Of Victory”.
  1. Henry VIII Had Five wives who tried to make toffee-Catherine Parr however gave him Toffee De Luxe- and thus survived!
  1. A Gatekeeper In Toffee Town suspects pilfering during a Royal visit
  1. One of the Pilgrim Fathers Refuses to sail on hearing that the Halifax In Nova Scotia was not the Halifax where they make Mackintosh’s Toffee De Luxe.
  1. Oliver Cromwell says “Take away that bauble” on finding the wrong kind of toffee in the Parliament House.
  1. Nell Gwynn substitutes Mackintosh’s Toffee De Luxe for oranges and is immediately promoted from the pit to the stalls.