History Key Stage 2 - Mackintosh's Toffees

As you now know, Mackintosh’s Toffees boasted being the biggest manufacturer of toffees in the world at one time and this rich and colourful history is unique to Halifax and can be used to cover many parts of the National Curriculum.
For example, during the 1920’s British illustrator Heath Robinson was commissioned by Mackintosh’s to create an elaborate toffee making machine in Toffee Town. What an exciting idea to run a competition for schools based around Heath Robinson’s fantastic designs to make children and young people aware of the Mackintosh history.
A Science Project in the making. Through his drawings Heath Robinson was designing what Wallace and Gromit were to do 60 years later. Wallace, as we know, is an inventor, creating elaborate contraptions not unlike the designs of Heath Robinson. An Art Project?
Products like Quality Street, Rolos, Toffee Crisp, Lion Bars, Munchies and Tootie Frooties were Halifax inventions and are well-known throughout the world but now carry the Nestle brand. You could create your own toffee or chocolate in Food Technology and then design and promote it in an Enterprise project.
Mackintosh’s was the second major employer in Halifax boasting cricket leagues, its own fire service and offering an active social life for its workers. There were many families from different cultural backgrounds who found employment at “Macks” and many older people still call it that when talking about Nestles.
There is still evidence of the heritage in Victorian and Edwardian Buildings. So there are plenty of opportunities to take a closer look at the area near where your school is.
During the 1960’s Mackintosh’s reflected the swinging sixties through various Bubble Gum card sets such as The Beatles Yellow Submarine which are now collectors items.
Could you create a series of cards? What subject would you choose? Again, Art, Design, Enterprise projects.
We have also collected oral histories from former employees and managers as well as members of the public talking about their own memories of Mackintosh’s, so you can listen to people who were part of Mackintosh’s.
All these can link to elements of the National Curriculum.

Enjoy learning!