Anglo Confectionery

In 1929 Mackintosh’s formed Anglo-American Chewing Gum Ltd. In 1930 the Irish business of Mackintosh and Rowntree merged to form the Associated Chocolate and Confectionery Co. Ltd. Joint working arrangements with Rowntree and Co. for the manufacture of chewing gum led to the formation of Allied Confectionery Manufacturers Ltd and in 1939 the two firm merged and reorganised as one company.

Kidnapped was a 36-card artwork set issued by Anglo-American Chewing Gum in 1935, using the name Thriller Chewing Gum. There were very few chewing gum and bubble gum cards issued in the UK before the late 1950s. In 1960 Anglo-American Chewing Gum Ltd. Halifax, became Anglo Confectionery Ltd. Halifax with its main office at 1-3 District Bank Chambers, George Square, Halifax, producing Anglo Bubbly, XL, Bell Boy and Green Cat in 1971. The following are some of the cards produced. In 1967 They issued ‘Space’ a set of 66 cards as well as ‘Captain Scarlet’, another set of 66. Ron Embleton was the artist who drew the early Captain Scarlet comic strips as well as Stingray strips. He was also the artist responsible for the poster of Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons issued in 1968.

Each Anglo Bubble Gum card carried either a drawn action scene or photograph from the television series whilst the other side had a piece of the Embleton poster which built up to be a jigsaw of the complete illustration as seen below.

As well as ‘UFO’ in 1970 Anglo also released another Gerry Anderson set in 1968, ‘Joe 90’. Both sets consisted of 66 cards.

Below are some of the rare 1968 ‘Yellow Submarine ‘ cards, another set of 66.